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Anantha Perfect Cookers – Standard (3 L)

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Features :

  • Made of virgin aluminium alloy
  • Matt finish ergonomic handles
  • Unshakable double screw Strong and sturdy handles
  • SS screws
  • GRVS ensures safety
  • Economical
  • ISI certified
  • 10 years warranty
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Anantha Perfect Aluminum Pressure Cookers is designed to be fast & convenient, and has a valuable place in a kitchen for a family of any size, even more a bachelor. Its short cooking time ensures perfect last minute measures, especially when you are having an extra guest.

Our Anantha Perfect Cookers are made with High Quality Virgin Aluminium Alloy which has high resistance to corrosion, there by ensuring a Healthy family. Its fitted with double screws for absolute sturdiness. They are built with features that ensure safety, comfort and convenience.


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